Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol: The Top 13 Countdown Begins

Don't panic...unlike past years, I am not going to showcase all 13 of the contestants in this post. There are plenty of blogs out there in cyberspace that pick American Idol apart down to its molecular level, so I'm not going to be redundant. Entertainment Weekly has an especially amusing Idol re-cap, so I'll leave the multi-layered dissection to them.

In this post I'm only going to highlight those finalists who got a 3.5 or better on the magic Jane-O-Meter scale from one to five where 1 means you sound like a banshee and 5 means Pavarotti has been reincarnated. Also, I do not want to talk about the judges at all other than to say that, inexplicably, Paula has become the most interesting one on the panel this season. Weird. Simon is bored to death, he looks like he'd rather be reading a magazine.

All contestants had to sing Michael Jackson songs last night. Yuk. When, oh when is AI going to stop conducting archeological digs to find its songs.

In order of appeal and chance to advance:

Adam-He's got a Fall Out Boy haircut and the most interesting pan-sexual, androgynous appeal since Jagger and Bowie were young. Can he sing? Sure...and great stage presence too. But it's his distinctive appearance that will get the votes for this early round. Score: 4.5

Danny Gorkey-Sometimes he wears glasses, and he's often called a Robert Downey Jr. look-a-like. I don't really see it, but this kid has a great voice and I liked his crazy dance. He is definitely a winner. Score: 4.3

You gotta love a finalist whose name always looks like it should be followed by an exclamation point. Anoop was voted out earlier and resurrected by this year's judges as a wild card. I'm glad they did. He is fun to look at and he has nice parents. The judges hated him last night singing Jackson's "Beat It". That made me like him even more. Score: 4.1

Megan Joy-She has a size 16 voice in a size 2 body. Big stage personality too, from this tiny blond girl. I pity anybody who is forced (or dumb enough to pick on their own) the loser MJ song "Rockin' Robin". Score: 3.9

He's overly dramatic and given to big emotional endings, but I have to admit I love this Puerto Rican guy. It's nice to see someone who is marching along to his own drummer, instead of the usual Beyonce and Boy Band clones. Score: 3.8

I have to give a double score to this good looking blind guy who made the very odd song choice of "Keep the Faith". First of all, let's get it out in the open...he's a pretty good piano player but just an OK singer. And nice to behold, I'll grant him that. I would give him a 3.0 score overall, but if he were planning on becoming a gospel or Christian singer, I would push that up to a 4.0.

All the others were forgettable this week.
I feel like this season is off to a lackluster start, but that could always change on a dime. Better songs would definitely help, as two hours of Michael Jackson was something less than a Thriller for me.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Idol, Jane. I do, however, beg to differ with you on some of the contestants. My top picks this week are 1)Allison, the terrific red-headed rocker girl (I'm surprised you didn't mention her); 2)Adam (this guy is almost too professional, with top notch vocals and performance ability, 3)Lil Rounds (we've seen her type of talent every season, but I never get tired of it), 4) a tie between Alexis Grey and Danny Gokey. I didn't like Alexis' performance as much this week, but Gokey was quite good.
Good riddance to Jorge - too Karioke/ lounge lizard. Anoop! should go next, although I do enjoy hearing his name and he's got that cute sexy vibe (do I sound like a middle-schooler or what?). I happen to love Megan's Amy Weinhouse/Duffy type of voice. When I think of what American Idol should be it's her - gorgeous, with raw talent and real potential. No prior professional training or experience, just the school choir. It's fun to see someone like that evolve on the show.
I like the wild card. The judges should have veto power (probably more than once) over the pre-pubescent voting public. That might have avoided the Sanjaya fiasco or prevented Medinda Doolittle from being relegated to third place. Isn't that the season Taylor Hicks won? Feh!