Monday, February 16, 2009

"Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" -- Flight of the Conchords

A pulsating and hilarious song from last night's ep of Flight of the Conchords on HBO!

Did you like the episode? I loved seeing Jemaine getting involved with a crude Aussie gal who stole his wallet (which he kept denying had happened) and locked him in her apartment. More of the insanely amusing New Zealand vs. Australian conflict, much talk about mocking of accents -- Jemaine called the Aussie accent an "evil version" of theirs.

I also loved the scene where Jemaine jumped into a hansom cab and demanded to be taken home, dramatically adding "and do not delay!" to his request -- and of course had to get out when he remembered that the cab only goes around Central Park.

Overall a very good episode! Seeing the boys getting sexually involved is completely entertaining. "Did you use protection?" "Yes, but only on my penis."

Very elaborate musical sequences, too, and we only hope that their very ambitious quality standards don't make it too daunting a prospect to continue the show past this second season, as has been rumored. We need Flight of the Conchords!


Jane said...

I have been whistling "Too Many Dicks..." all morning. It's a lovely raining day in LA and I have the day off for President's holiday! It doesn't get any better.

Another great episode! I'm thinking Murry gets funnier every time.

Lisa said...

I am totally loving Murray, too!

Congrats on the day off! Sounds like a wonderful weather day for it!