Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looking for a Clip from the Golden Globes? Thank Dick Clark for Nothing!

I always like to point out the small-mindedness of media companies who completely don't get it in terms of new technologies like YouTube. What is with these guys? They just delight in smashing a grapefruit in the face of fans who are giving them free publicity and promoting their fading brands with the pure love that only a fan can give.

My latest disappointment and winner of a "Totally F***ing Clueless" Award from us is Dick Clark Productions, who've gone in and taken down clips from The Golden Globes ceremony from a few weeks ago. Our lovely clip of Ricky Gervais chiding Kate Winslet is gone, and you will find most if not all of the other fan-posted Globes telecast clips ripped down from YouTube. (I found this out when I was looking for the adorable Mickey Rourke speech when he thanked his dogs. Gone, baby, gone. Except for one little clip. I'll never tell where.)

Don't tell me it's infringement. (And if they think it is, put up the clips on your own site, or own YouTube channel.) Bah! It's fair use and free promotion and if Dick Clark doesn't get it, he's outlived his media savvy. For somebody who used to make his living understanding what the "younger generation" used to groove to and what made them tick, he and his company are woefully out of touch now. It's sad and depressing.

Clark, and every other media honcho who calls for takedowns, should be loving that people are interested in their shows and want to share top moments with others who will become viewers and fans. Being stingy and crabby and craven and acting like a "get off my lawn, you darn kids" old man means Dick Clark has lost touch, not that he's wisely protecting a media asset. I sincerely hope he's fighting a losing battle, and that the free flow of enthusiasm and passion for the media will win out. It's all about accessibility, kiddos.

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