Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good News! Andy Richter to Team Up with Conan O'Brien Again!

As Conan O'Brien prepares to make his June 2009 debut as host of NBC's Tonight Show, moving into the 11:30pm hour from his 12:30am timeslot -- his final Late Night with Conan O'Brien aired last Friday -- there might even more reason to celebrate than the mere passing of the crown to Conan.

From the days of yore when brilliant comic minds like Steve Allen and Jack Parr helmed the show, to Johnny Carson's long reign, to the current Jay Leno (...eh...), the Tonight Show has had a long history of inspired hilarity, and Conan's inventive mind is closer to the early style of Allen and Parr. He is more than perfect to inherit the throne.

Conan's co-host from the beginning of his own show was hilarious Andy Richter, the comedian/actor who embarked on a solo career after leaving LTwCO'B, and his departure from Conan's realm was a sad day indeed. (Andy was the final guest on the last Conan Late Night, also.)

The big news buzzing around is that Richter will be back with Conan as his announcer/side-kick on the Tonight Show! These two guys had an incredible chemistry together, and we can't think of a more delightful reason to tune in this June. Here's a little video from a reunion interview the fellows did a few years ago.

Andy Richter will be always be a darling around here for his immortal comic performance in the cult favorite film Cabin Boy, starring Chris Elliott, plus he's starred in several series, most notably Andy Richter Controls the Universe for Fox, and made lots of guest appearances, including as "The Sad Dad" on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Going back to his Conan days, you'll enjoy this 1999 parody of a Barbara Walters special, with Richter sitting in for Monica Lewinsky as he confesses his dalliance with Bill Clinton.

Conan O'Brien + Andy Richter = Comic Perfection! June can't come fast enough!

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Dean Treadway said...

Whoa! Conan and Andy together again? Tremendous! I'm sure you'll agree that Conan was never the same without Richter by his side. I often thought Andy was just as funny as O'Brien, so I think I WILL be tuning in come June! Yayyyy!