Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Posts--Love Them, Hate Them or....

...just surrender to that bizarre annual passage into the AI time of year. It's the Godzilla of all reality shows, and it is about to take a large bite out of your viewing time (if you are so inclined), in its 8th season on the air. American Idol on Fox television is about to wind down its very tiresome audition period and unveil the FINAL TWELVE contestants who will vie for the top honors. Last year's winner was the talented rocker David Cook. This year is still up for grabs. So far the crop looks very blah indeed. Something or someone will have to cut through the dread of our society's current economic dive and bring us a hero. Will it be Mr. Adam Lambert? (pictured here). If he were a sandwich he'd be Mick Jagger on two slices of La Cage Aux Folles with a smear of Fall Out boy. On a hard roll with honey mustard, (hold the onions), to go. Are you ready America?

Tune in next week on Fox network for American Idol to see the final 12 contestants. I'm not in love with the new 4 judge panel, but hey...that's what DVR is for. AI is still bringing in the highest ratings of any show on television this season (by a landslide) so no matter how this program thing remains the same. American viewers can't get enough of it. I will be your Flaming Nose emissary into deepest and darkest pockets of the phenomenon, starting next week. Gird your loins, plug your ears, open your hearts...and let the Octo Season of American Idol begin!

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amy said...

Yummy sandwich, Jane. Agree on all counts. I picked two out of three this week. I'm guessing Megan, the blond beauty with the Amy Weinhouse voice will be back for the wild card show. Whatever the heck that is! As for the new format -- boring, boring, boring. Thank god my DVR is back for another season!