Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Academy Awards Reminder...Four Days and Counting!

Don't forget the Academy Awards this Sunday on ABC---reminder #2! Not like anyone could possibly forget, but we have actively started the countdown to OSCAR DAY this Sunday. Here's a little video of Bruce Springsteen singing "The Wrestler". Mickey Rourke stars in The Wrestler and he has been nominated for Best Actor.

I invite other Flaming Nose bloggers to post Oscar reminders featuring their favorites too!


Lisa said...

How did the Academy make the huge mistake of not nominating this song? Just please give the Oscar to Mickey Rourke!

Jane said...

Agree 100%. There were actually a ton of great movie songs in 2008 and the Academy nominated only the lamest animated movie song swill. Slumdog Millionaire alone has spawned a number of awesome indie singles. I think I have one by MIA on my MySpace Music playlist if you want to visit it.

Go Mickey! I want to see him win!

Jane said...

I need to offer a correction...apparently 2 of Slumdog's songs WERE nominated for best song. And it is also nominated for Best Original Score. Hooray! I love the music in this movie and plan to download the entire sound track.