Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Golden Globes are Back tonight on NBC!

We will have to get the TiVo and DVR machines warmed up for tonight. In addition to the season premier of "24" that Lisa has pointed out in the previous post, we will also have the return of the Golden Globes award ceremony on NBC, starting at 8pm. Starting at 7pm, there will be a Red Carpet Walk pre-show. Though usually breathless and generally silly, the carpet walk feels very spontaneous and is sometimes more entertaining than the award ceremony itself!

The Globes are worth watching for a variety of reasons this year. As always, it's the first major award program of the season, and it sets the tone and often acts as a harbinger for predicting other winners at the Academy Awards and Emmy's later on. Second, this marks the return of the real Golden Globes ceremony, since last year's was a big bust due to the writer's strike.

Finally, and this is all important for me, my beloved entertainment industry idol Steven Spielberg will be receiving the Cecil B. Demille award this evening, and I would like to hear what he has to say when he accepts it. I just watched a repeat of "Jaws" this weekend for about the 237th time, and it still feels as fresh as the first time I saw it, many many moons ago. This is the only fish on the planet that never goes bad.

There are many Flaming Nose favorites nominated for Globes tonight, so be sure to tune in to catch all the excitement!

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Lisa said...

I also watched "Jaws" recently and you are right -- as great as ever, no matter how many times you've seen it, and it's a lot for both of us!