Friday, November 21, 2008

TV Watching Makes You Unhappy? Not on The Flaming Nose!

We're supposing that you might have read about the recent find from the Social Indicators Research scholarly journal, namely that people who are happy evidently don't watch as much TV as people who are unhappy. If you haven't, please read this report in The New York Times. Taking into account all sorts of the other things which people can do -- hang around with other people, go to church (isn't that the same thing?) -- evidently the elusive Television Factor is an indicator of relative happiness.

I'd posit that it's a little more complicated than that -- I'd certainly agree that what you watch might contribute to one's overall mood. Skip the rancorous phony reality shows, the overblown local news with their "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality, the stupid daytime talk shows and you'll probably feel a lot better, real fast. Instead, watch some terrific colorful melodrama like TrueBlood, or some sublime episodes of The Sopranos, or some smart and zesty humor like 30 Rock, or an inspirational historical drama like John Adams, or the cool delights of Mad Men, or pop in an old episode of your favorite sitcom like I Love Lucy, or remember how you felt when talented and charming David Cook won the last American Idol.

Still unhappy? I didn't think so.

I rest my case.

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Jane said...

Television brought comfort to my father in his final, housebound year. Television gave solace and closure to a nation mourning JFK and the Challenger astronauts. Television kept us informed and together during the horror of 9-11. It has made us all laugh and cry as we gather around its warm blue glow. And whether it comes to us through an old boob tube, a computer, an iPhone or an HDTV, it will always be there...absolute magic at the flick of a switch. I feel sorry for the people who believe in this study. They probably don't believe in Santa Claus either. Bah. Humbug.