Sunday, November 9, 2008

True Blood: Better Living Through Chemistry with the Undead

Let us not forget to mention the amazing True Blood: (HBO, Sundays, 9pm), as we feast on the cornucopia of Sunday night television delights. There will be some spoilers in this piece, so avert your eyes if you have not watched through last week's episode.

There is no doubt about it, the best and sexiest chemistry between two stars on TV right now is between Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer). It probably doesn't hurt that the blogosphere is ripe with rumors that the two of them are an item in real life too, although I have yet to see any compromising photos. When Sookie and Bill are heating up the screen, it's more than's a nuclear meltdown. Watch parts of the video above and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

When we last left our charming gang of vamps, white trash, and voodoo princesses in the swamps of Louisiana some very heavy plot twists had come to light. In "Plaisir d'Amour", Jason Stackhouse's hippie girlfriend Amy has revealed herself to be more psychopath than harmless Wiccan. She has instigated the kidnapping of the elderly gay vampire Eddie so they can feed on his blood and then abandon him to die (again...not to belabor this point but how do you die if you're already dead?) Some very fine and poignant acting from Eddie deepens the ambivalence that runs through this series. Who are the bad guys here, really? Eddie is a vampire, but seems as harmless and friendly as the neighbor next door trimming his hedge. In comparison, Amy the trippy hedonist is a cold hearted menace and a beast.

Last week's surprise ending probably surprised only a handful of people, as most folks I speak with regularly about this show already figured out that besotted bar owner Sam was "not quite human", just like his beloved Sookie and our hero the vampire Bill. The latter reluctantly asks Sam to look after Sookie, when he is dragged away by Eric and the rest of the V-Tribe. Sam is revealed to be a shape shifter who spends part of his time looking like a soulful border collie. Apparently, his shape will take a darker turn down the road when he becomes a werewolf.

I can't wait for the next full moon!


Lisa said...

I'm absolutely loving what's happening with this show -- it's completely riveting! I'm also loving the transformation and growth of Tara, now contemplating an exorcism, and I loved the Sam revelation! As someone who doesn't usually care for the vampire mythos, this one has me hooked, mostly because of Vampire Bill's courtly manners and Anna Paquin's completely delightful and skilled work as Sookie. And boy, is Lizzie Caplan really getting scary as Amy! "TrueBlood" is terrific! HBO totally rules on Sunday night!!!

Jane said...

Tara and Lafayette are both brilliant. Lafayette is ferocious, he chews up every scene. The humor is the best and quirkiest since Twin Peaks. The dorky sheriffs, the odd references to nudist camps and antique Swedish music. Even the howling blues song in the opening is starting to grow on me. "I wanna do bad things to you!" As a viewer I say, "Yes, please!".