Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Dexter" Tonight on Showtime: "Easy as Pie"

Here's a clip from tonight's Dexter episode "Easy as Pie". As we surmised last week, Miguel is feeling pretty confident about the whole vengeance via Dexter scheme, obviously working himself -- and Dexter -- into a hate for slick defense attorney Ellen Wolf, played by the wonderful Anne Ramsay. This is an intense moment from tonight's episode:

Can't find the actual episode promo anywhere, except in Russian, but this clip will give us a flavor of what's in store. Looks like an hard-hitting new episode! Can't wait! I'm also hoping for perhaps a little peek into Angel's personal life, since he presumably had dinner with that female detective, and are we going to see more of Deborah's fascination with Anton the Informant?

Dexter's opening up -- in several ways -- is certainly this season's theme so far, with many revelatory moments that have gotten him now deep into a dangerous alliance with Miguel. Interesting to ponder how that new and devious friendship will play out, eh?

Love that Dexter!

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Jane said...

I personally love the heat between Deborah and Anton the informant. I hope something happens there. She sure has had bad luck with boyfriends (Angel isn't that blessed when it comes to relationships either.

I have to go to a business conference in Palm Springs tonight and I'm going to miss ALL the great Sunday night TV. Whaaaaaaaa!