Friday, November 21, 2008

Clamor Growing for "TrueBlood" in Anticipation of Sunday's Season Finale

What? Finale? Already?!! How time flies when you're loving a TV show!

We've been saying it all along, but it's worth repeating -- TrueBlood rocks! There's a complimentary article in today's USA Today which is worth reading, and it sounds as though HBO might be as surprised as the series' success as...let's see...Sookie was when she found out that Sam Merlotte was a shapeshifting canine. In other words...maybe not so surprised. After all, TrueBlood is an Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) production, and nobody should have been too startled to discover that it's just as tremendous -- in its own way -- as was his earlier sublime series. (Of course, our favorite TB couple is Sookie and Bill, pictured above. Ah, love...)

This coming Sunday is shaping up to be a tremendous evening -- the 24 movie Redemption, which we previewed here on Wednesday, is getting good notices, and the finale of TrueBlood we wouldn't miss for anything. And Dexter, of course, which is getting quite twisted! More about that in another post!

Ladies and Gents, we've said this before, too -- TV is better than ever!

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