Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ben Affleck, David Cook & John McCain on SNL

This will surely be one of the biggest SNL's in a long time.  Ben Affleck is one of the show's most popular hosts;  David Cook is the musical guest (56 million votes cast for our American Idol champ last May);  John McCain stops by (Obama was also rumored to be scheduled for a cameo, but it looks like that won't happen now), and Tina Fey will likely be back for her final Palin impersonation of the season.  With the election just 3 days away, this show will be a ratings grabber.

Look for Affleck to get political;  Cook will sing his new hit single "Light On," and fans hope his second number will be something off his new self-titled album (which drops on 11/18).  "The Time of My Life" has been done to death on TV, but it has been sitting at #1 on the AC radio charts for 5 weeks now, so who knows.

Here's NBC's clever promo:


Lisa said...

Hello all -- there was a partisan political post in the comment section which I have removed. The Flaming Nose contributors have agreed to avoid long political screeds here and this must also apply to our guests, I feel. So sorry, Glen M, you're going to have to post your prepared statement elsewhere. But thanks for visiting The Nose!

Jane said...

Lisa for President! Thanks for keeping the Nose on target for TV and not for politics! There are one billion political blogs out there for those that want/need that kind of thing.

Now back to SNL. I watched it this morning and it was beyond hilarious. David Cook sounded great. Th take-off on The View was one of the funniest bits I've seen in a long time. I am a believer for SNL again and have my DVR set to record it permanently!

LAGal said...

I haven't watched this show in years, but I'm into it this year. Saturday night was fantastic! I like the fact that it is not a one-sided political affair. Satire everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great show and music! The View and Target skits were hysterical. I'm planning to tune in tonight from 9-11pm to watch SNL's Presidential Bash 2008. It's a compilation of SNL political sketches this year. It should be entertaining.

Jane said...

I forgot to mention the Target sketch! Ben Affleck in corn rows! It was simply and incredibly as surreal and weird and balls to the wall funny as anything from the height of SNL 15-25 years ago. 100% back in the saddle. Lorne Michaels really is a genius!