Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Mad Men" Season Finale Coming Up on Sunday!

Wow! How can we already be at the end of this batch of Mad Men, which is quite simply the most intriguing, adult, multi-layered, coolly exciting show on television right now? It's completely unlike anything else out there, relying not on blood, gunshots, knifeplay -- unlike some of our other favorite shows like Dexter and TrueBlood -- but on shifting relationships, unseen rivalries, unspoken desires and all that other fascinating jazz to weave its hypnotic spell.
Starting from the opening credits, so bleak and wonderful, Mad Men is one habit that you just don't want to break.

But anyway, the last episode for now -- "Meditations in an Emergency" -- is up tomorrow, and here's a sneak peak:

Don Draper et al, we hate to see this season end! Be sure to visit the Mad Men site on AMC for all sorts of terrific web extras!

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