Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to THE FLAMING NOSE!

It doesn't seem possible, but while no one was looking, our beloved TV blog, The Flaming Nose, has just experienced its one year anniversary. In honor of this extraordinary event, I have prepared a list of stats and fun facts about The Flaming Nose. I'm also posting an excellent video clip of our revered muse, Lucille Ball, as she talks about her (and our) favorite Lucy episode with Merv Griffin. What could be a more fitting tribute to mark one year of fantastic television commentary?

Here are some interesting Nose factoids:

  • After one year of existance, the Nose has received 25,039 visits from people around the world. How fitting that the Nose passed its 25k visitor mark on its birthday!
  • Today alone, the Nose had visitors from such exotic locations as Istanbul, Seoul Korea, Barcelona Spain, Quezon, Philippines, and Leopoldov Slovakia.
  • There have been 432 individual posts over the past year...433 if you count this one.
  • The most prolific poster has been Lisa, our Queen and Fearless Leader who has made approximately 220 of those posts, or a little better than half our total volume.
  • The busiest months (traffic-wise) over the past year were June and July 2008, no doubt from all the frenzied American Idol posts and links.
  • The Flaming Nose has been featured or linked with such illustrious media entities as the Showtime Website, various American Idol blogs and Ceasar Milan's Dog Whisperer website.
  • The Flaming Nose has its own MySpace page
Many thanks to all of our very talented writers, including Lisa, Judith, Dean, Karen, Scott, Jeri, Michael the young Sports fan and Media Guy. And a grateful thank you to all of our faithful readers around the world. We just know you love TV as much as we do.

Happy 1st Birthday to The Flaming Nose. May there be many, many more.


Judith said...


The mighty Lucille Ball. Did you know that Orson Welles said she was the greatest actress in the world. High praise from one of the most original and gifted artists of the 20th century.

This episode is of course as good as it gets. Desi Arnaz never got enough credit. Considering he was not an actor his comic timing was flawless.

This is the second funniest episode in their long and brilliant run. The funniest episode is "Charm School." If you haven't seen it lately go and check it out. I watched it the again recently and I laughed out loud repeatedly. I hurt. Tears were coming out of both sides of my eyes.

Happy Birthday to The Nose.

Dean Treadway said...

Yaaaaayyyy! Happy birthday to the nose. My favorite TV spot! And congrats to all on passing the 25K mark. I Promise I'll be posting more during the next few weeks!!

Jane said...

Thanks Judith. She was not only a gifted comedic actress, but also a beautiful woman. Often, those attributes are overshadowed by her immense power to insert herself into situations that we can all relate to, and either laugh or cry as she tries to squeeze her way out. There will never be another television actress more loved, more revered, here in the US or World Wide....than Lucy.

Judith and Dean...thanks for giving a nod to our Nose anniversary