Monday, October 6, 2008

"Dexter" Does Not Disappoint This Season, on Showtime

How are you liking Dexter so far this season? I'm totally thrilled with the addition of Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado; he's sincere, sexy, and vibrant, and judging by what happened at the very end of this week's episode "Finding Freebo", he's now extremely important to Dexter. Really fascinating development, that last surprise, and it puts a terrific spin on the season. Smits' presence makes us pine less for last season's wonderful Agent Lundy, played by Keith Carradine. We'd love to see him again but Smits brings something completely dashing to Dexter.

Loved Debra's profanity-filled rant in the Miami dance club that "smells like armpits" when she was trying to get some info out of Anton the informant, in an intriguing performance by David Ramsey. It was one of her most hilarious cursing events and you could feel her strain and bravado as she desperately pleaded with the guy to help her out. Jennifer Carpenter is so good as Deb; she better hit the Emmy list next year. Is there some attraction there, too, with Anton? He's clearly intrigued by her. Hmmm. I know she's been flirting with that possibly dirty cop Joey Quinn, played by Desmond Harrington; don't you love that Internal Affairs officer who keeps popping up to bedevil Debra about him? Liz Lapira is excellent in the role. Annoying to Deb but completely fascinating character, and naturally she's getting to Debra, tempting her with a detective badge and invoking the name and reputation of her beloved father.

Not so into the whole baby thing. The police situations are so intense that the mopey pregnancy talk and the to-have-or-have-not dilemma seem like annoying diversions. Dexter's halting friendly interactions with the so emotionally-open Miguel Prado are much more interesting than Dexter's romantic relationship with Rita, but that might be just me. Eh.

Michael C. Hall is consistently excellent as Dexter, of course. Dexter's trying on all the different roles in life he's expected to play is a treat to watch, and the voice-overs have never gotten old.

It's quite a Sunday night, going from Dexter to Mad Men and to TRUEBLOOD, not necessarily in that order. And then throw in Entourage and Little Britain USA and you definitely need a week to rest to get ready for next Sunday. Brilliant television!

Here's a little scene from next week's episode 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight" -- I hope they get to eat some Cuban food; looks like they might be at a festival!


Jane said...

Absolutely right on the money with this one Lisa. Dexter still thrills this season, with every character and situation, except for the dreaded stupid potential baby thing? Why...oh WHY did they feel they had to introduce this trite twist so soon in the life of this series. If it ain't broke guys...keep your paws off our beloved series! I think Deb is the most compelling character by far this season.

polyurethanewheels said...

the series has somewhat followed the book trilogy (which actually sucks to be honest- its like a scary version of 'sweet valley high'
but in the 3rd book dexter sees himself in rita's son cody and begins training him the way harry trained dexter. i think the writers decided to introduce the baby scenario as a sure fire way to have a season 4, and to also allow development of a plot line that has a mini-dexter in the future. maybe dexter will teach his kid to only kill lunch line bullies and what not..