Friday, October 3, 2008

CBS' "The Ex List" Premieres Tonight

Not sure if the idea of a show with a 33-year-old gal searching for her Mr. Right is up your alley, but what if we told you a psychic said her dream fella is someone she's already dated and they must meet up again with a year or true love with never come to either of them? Puts on the juice a little, right? It's the premise of the new CBS show The Ex List, premiering tonight at 9pm.

Starring the cute but not-too-cute Elizabeth Reaser (Grey's Anatomy), this is obviously candy for the ladies. We know there's a lot of resentment among viewers of the network's cancelled vampire romance Moonlight which was in the timeslot last season (and honestly wasn't half as much fun as TrueBlood is on HBO), and that those gals won't watch this under any circumstances. Consensus out there seems to be that The Ex List isn't bad at all but probably won't last. (It's based on an Israeli series, btw.)

You might want to give it a look. This is the show that exec producer Diane Ruggiero left about two weeks ago, citing creative differences with CBS. Could signal that the show is a mess, or maybe it's not. See for yourself!

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