Monday, October 20, 2008

The Buzz is Building for True Blood!

The buzz is definitely building for True Blood (HBO, Sundays at 9pm), which is fast becoming THE water cooler topic of conversation at work places nation wide. If you have not tuned in since the vampire saga premiered a few weeks back, you might want to consider giving it another look. It's the steamiest, strangest, and occasionally funniest one hour drama on the air these days. Get out your tank tops and flip flops for Sunday nights, Nose Fans. Between Dexter on Showtime (set in Miami) and True Blood on HBO (set in Louisiana), there is enough heat to help you keep those gas bills down as another cold winter approaches.

At the top of the list for most compelling character is Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), the vamp with a sensitive side and an insatiable thirst for Sookie (Anna Paquin) the southern sweetie who can read every body's mind but his. It is also never, ever dull when Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) the world's toughest trannie is on the set. Lafayette has decked so many characters, he could be a WWF 3 inch nails and 5 inch heels.

I had my doubts about Sookie's brother Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), who's drug addled sexual high jinks have become tiresome. But his latest "friend with benefits" is a crazy hippie witch who brings out the best in Jason's good old boy comic relief. Funniest bit in last night's episode involved Jason musing about how much he hates revisionist history, including the fact that Pluto has been demoted as a planet and Brontosauruses have a new name.

Two weeks ago Sookie and Bill finally consummated their wispy relationship and Bill sealed the deal with a little nip to her no longer virginal neck. Will Sookie become "one of them" too? Last night ended with a cliffhanger. Is Bill in jeopardy? How the heck do you kill someone when he's not even alive to begin with?

Personally, I wonder how this relationship can go long term. Bill can't ever spend the night...or the case may be, since he has to sleep under a dusty bed in his haunted house as soon as the sun rises. And it's not like they can ever enjoy a nice dinner together since all he ever consumes is synthetic blood. After the sparks stop flying, it would be weird to have a boyfriend who doesn't want to order a pizza and watch TV.

But we'll keep watching...because this is Alan Ball at his best, and once again, we are absolutely hooked.


Lisa said...

I agree. I think "TrueBlood" is definitely the most fun of all the quality hours out there right now -- "Dexter" and "Mad Men" included -- though I think "MM" takes the cake for greatness. Love all the "TrueBlood" characters...sad to see Grandma go. Loved the Civil War flashbacks a few eps back. The show has a verve that's so engaging. Love it!!

Amy said...

Great review, Jane! I'm not up on Dexter, but with Mad Men following TrueBlood, at long last we can look forward to Sunday night television. When I was watching the show the other night I knew Jason would win Jane over with his musings about the planet Plato. He's becoming a more interesting character, which is smart because his stupidity was getting tiresome. What a unique and entertaining show. Alas, I too will miss Grandma. I'm surprised they wrote her out of the series so soon, but maybe she had another big deal in the works.