Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: More Disappointments!!!

Back in July, my fellow Noser Judith posted a scathing criticism of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and its stubborn avoidance towards recognizing certain much-loved though perhaps less "hip" 70s rock staples like Linda Rondstadt, Heart, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago and the like. I responded in kind, adding KISS, The Monkees, Donna Summer and Cat Stevens, among others, to the mix of the unjustly snubbed.

I know we'll all be seething together when we see the list of nine nominees for induction in 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Only five from this list will make it:

Jeff Beck
Wanda Jackson
Little Anthony and the Imperials
The Stooges
Bobby Womack

Infuriating. I mean, Chic? "Good Times" and "Le Freak" were their only two hits!! These hard-headed guys on the RRHOF board are going to HAVE to bend our way sooner or later. That said, Run-DMC, Metallica, The Stooges and War seem like locks (and I suppose deserved ones). Wanda Jackson will probably be thrown in there as the lone female inductee (over Linda Rondstadt????). Anyway, thought y'all might like to know what we have to "look forward" to when the ceremony airs on TV in March 2009. Whoopee.

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Jane said...

Wow, this list is a little thin. What are these folks smoking? I sure hope Jeff Beck makes it. Actually I am so shocked that he hasn't already. For his early work with Traffic alone. I always thought he was the most accomplished (and least acclaimed) of all the guitar Gods.