Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Ads for The Prime Emmy Awards on 9/21

In case you haven't seen it, a bevy of gorgeous gals from TV past and present:

There's also a crazy multi-head ad with photos of a multitude of TV stars which will be seen in People and Entertainment Weekly. It will be a little small here to fully appreciate the effect, but do look for it in print.

Of course we know all Flaming Nose fans will be there on Sunday 9/21 watching ABC!


Jane said...

The Emmys! I am so excited. I am making a noise like Homer Simpson makes when he sees a pink donut! I will be watching them at my sister Karine's house in Florida this year!

Lisa said...

Wow! A nice change of venue for you! We shall have to do some real-time blogs on it -- instant reactions when our favorites come up to the plate!

Jane said...

Hopefully her place will come through Hurricane Ike OK. Right now it's heading straight for the Keys!