Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Last Few Emmy Awards

Jeff Probst wins for Outstanding Host for Reality or Reality-Competition Program for Survivor.

Mary Tyler Moore and Betty White presenting an Award. Betty White looks amazingly good, MTM is quite thin, isn't she?

Outstanding Comedy Series: 30 Rock does it again! Congratulations! 2nd year in a row. Well-deserved. Tina Fey has been up to win an award three times tonight! Another cute and humble speech. She's the best!

Tom Selleck -- he looks good -- is up to present the award for Outstanding Drama Series, and the winner is...Mad Men. Seems to be a popular choice, nice shout in the audience. The whole cast and everybody seems to be going up on stage. They all look so happy and Matthew Weiner gave a terrific speech, including thanking his parents. Awwwww....

A quick goodnight from Probst and a weirdly truncated ending and horrible ending theme music. Very underwhelming close. Boy, they were really watching the clock...Did it go over? Seems to have ended about on time, but they have the end music going forever.


Well, that's it. Some of our favorites won, other good choices won, overall all terrific bunch of contenders and congratulations to all of you who make terrific television from those of us at The Flaming Nose who love terrific television.

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