Monday, September 29, 2008

Dexter is Delicious

Hello all Nose-Sirs and Nose-Ettes. I apologize for an extended absence, I've been on a much needed vacation in the lovely Florida Keys. That's right...very close to Dexter-ville in South Florida. Fellow blogger Lisa is absolutely correct, the cuisine in this neck of the woods is fascinating and sublime. I have spent the past week up to my elbows in Conch fritters, Cuban sandwiches, Rock crab and Cafe con Leche. And one awesome Mojito with a shaft of sugar cane as a swizzle stick.

It's no wonder every DEXTER episode includes juicy shots of Miami munchables like so much culinary porn. The third season kicked off on Showtime last night, and it looks tastier than ever. New character District Attorney Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) is introduced when his younger brother is terminated (quite inconveniently) by our hero. Dexter is up to his old antics again, only this time it's self defense and lacks the essential components of "Harry's Code". Sister Deb is back with a new razor sharp haircut and same old razor sharp self depreciating wit. She also has a potential romantic interest with a new very attractive cop on her team. Shame on the Showtime website for not listing his name (or even Jimmy Smits for that matter!) or I would put it here. This guy is hot and he has, like so many Miami folks an adorable NYC accent.

Dexter and Rita spend a lot of time in bed in this "Finding Freebo" episode, and chocolate pudding is featured prominently as a post coital aphrodisiac. Don't even ask.

DEXTER is back with the same stimulating mix of sex, murder and local politics set amidst the steamy palmettos and salsa joints of Miami FL. Yummy! But this season premier teases us with a little surprise at the end. Apparently Dex is destined to be a Daddy. Oh no! Generally, TV series won't introduce the baby character until entire Olympic sized swimming pools of sharks have been jumped. It's fraught with peril. Murphy Brown anyone? I don't think a baby has really helped a television show since Lucy had little Ricky. Here's hoping Dexter Jr. won't be born until next season.

Meanwhile, we can sit back and enjoy. There's plenty of evil lurking beneath the beautiful skies of South Florida, and Dexter is back to put it all right!

Photo by Jane: Islamorada Florida, just south of Key Largo


Lisa said...

Love your beautiful island photo, Jane! And welcome back! We are most jealous of your gastronomic adventures, though!

"Dexter"'s first episode was awesome, as we expected, and Smits is a terrific addition. Not sure about the baby's always such a skidding-to-a-halt moment in shows, and not always in a good way, as you said. I am also always struck by the weird vibe about pregnancy these days, as if we are in a society in which this is a no-way-out least in our society at this moment there are options. (just saying...). I get that having Dexter contemplate fatherhood is slightly different than your average Joe -- perhaps -- but ultimately it's a distraction. And a really mundane one...though America is baby-crazy, I guess. Oh well....
Let's see what happens. Love Deb and her haircut, the sexual tension between Deb and that other officer who may be a bad boy, and of course Angel is amazing and humane. Can't wait for next week's episode!

Jane said...

Frankly, my least favorite Dexter venue is Rita and the Kids. Sometimes I have to medium-forward through it. It's almost creepy, but I guess that's part of the whole point of Dexter. How much can they push the envelope of what we can tolerate. I sure do love the crime scenes and cop comraderie though. And of course the food! :)

On another note, I watched the brilliant, amazing Mad Men episode last night. I may have to do another post, I swear to God this show is so good every episode deserves its own blog. My favorite line was when poor old alcohalic Freddy turns to Don and says, "If I don't go into the office every day...who am I?" As one who has dedicated decades to this business, I almost cried.