Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The "Dexter" Countdown Really Begins!

If you've been watching the widget on our page, you know that we're down to the last few days before the Season 3 premiere of Dexter, Showtime's showpiece and one of our favorite series. Magazine readers may have already seen some of the highly-touted faux mag covers featuring Michael C. Hall's Dexter; they're getting a lot of coverage and are pretty classy. Here are most of them, anyway; you can probably figure out what magazines they're spoofing


I'm not sure they've done this here in the States, but evidently this is a photo from Madrid where they have been promoting Dexter with fake corpse arms nestled among real meats at butcher shops. Seems a bit unlikely here -- sanitary standards come to mind first of all -- but it's particularly gruesome and fairly hilarious nonetheless.

The preem episode has been available online via streaming video for a little while, but even if you've watched it, do support Showtime and Dexter by watching it again on Sunday night. The ratings will get reported and we want Dexter to look like the hit that it is, right? Support the show by watching it on Showtime and then any other way you want to.

We'll be posting some of the intriguing Dexter Season 3 promos here, also, starting with this one:

The Flaming Nose is thrilled to have Dexter back; keep coming back for more Dexter news and features!

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