Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008-09 Off To A Good Start

The first week of the fall TV season has drawn to a close, and I have found this to be an extremely entertaining week. Like so many others, I've split a lot of my time between the internet and television, so I don't have as many shows to discuss as past years. I will say my returning favorites did not disappoint.

An amazing season so far. While last Sunday's episode was not the season premiere, it was by far my favorite all-time episode of the series. A tour de force for Jeremy Piven when he hunted down his arch nemesis & rival agent and literally bitch slapped him in front of the man's office staff. The writing, acting, directing and cinematography were flawless. You must check out the bitch-slap scene:

The Office
This show never disappoints, but the producers took a risk with an hour-long premiere. Expanded shows often collapse under their own weight, but not this time. It was an LOL extravaganza. The weight-loss competition and outrageous situations made for the most awkward hour I've spent in quite some time. I was literally squirming on my couch! And loving every minute of it. My partner and I laughed out loud repeatedly.

Lipstick Jungle
We came so close to not watching the recording this morning. The DVR had been set from last season (when we were on the fence about this comedy-drama bred in the same stable as "Sex And the City"). The writers and producers corrected every problem from the show's short freshman (sorority?) season. Last spring the women were so flawed that I just couldn't get behind them. This year, in a feat worthy of the best "LA Law" episodes, the writers managed to turn these characters around and in doing so, switch your allegiances. For the first time I was pulling for all three of the lead characters. Timothy Busfield ("Thirtysomething") did a great job directing the season 2 premiere.

Dancing With The Stars
Two words: Cloris Leachman. The comic genius has had a reputation for being a loose cannon for years... and her antics have sent the producers into overdrive trying to time out the live broadcast all three nights. 83 years old - and she'll be back for week two! Try watching this show in HD on a nice big plasma. "Reality" never looked so beautiful!

Still to Watch
Speaking of reality in HD, I still have "Survivor: Gabon" waiting for me on my DVR. First season in HD and I can't wait. It may require its own post.

Still to Come
Looking forward to the premieres of "Lost," "24" and "Amazing Race," and I'm going to jump on the TFN bandwagon and watch the Season 3 premiere of "Dexter." If you're a regular here, you know it's a TFN favorite.

Worth Noting
I must mention that "Mad Men" is half way through its second season and it's every bit as good as its first. We've all waxed eloquent on this stylish and brilliantly acted show. What jumps out at me is the tactics used to drive the sub-plots. On medical, police and legal dramas, the writers often come up with plots that are "ripped from the headlines." In "Mad Men," it's old ad campaigns of real products such as UTZ Potato Chips, Maidenform and American Airlines. It adds just enough authenticity to counter-balance the high number of metaphors that run through every episode.

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Lisa said...

Glad to have your thoughts, and please do cover "Survivor" in more detail. That show still packs a huge punch!

I've been curious about "Lipstick Jungle" and after your good take on it I may have to check it out. I do like the actresses and am glad to hear that it may be a better show than I thought it would be.

Please, more on "Dancing with the Stars" -- a big favorite on the net!

Loved that "Entourage" moment!

Can I just say you have exquisiste television taste? Great to see you here and can't wait for more!