Monday, August 4, 2008

True Blood Premiers on HBO This September

Here's an early heads up from the Nose for a new series premiering on HBO this September 7th at 9pm. True Blood is the latest creation from Alan Ball, who brought my favorite TV series of all time (Six Feet Under) to life. And a wonderful life it was, as it introduced us to the dark but incredibly sympathetic Southern California world of the Fisher's and their family owned funeral home.

Mr. Ball must love the death/life/immortality venue, as True Blood looks to be part vampire fantasy with a heavy dose of sci-fi and potential apocalypse. The website seems purposely ambiguous and strange. It has a whiff of that J.J. Abrams (LOST, Cloverfield) intentional confusion and mystery about it. One needs to have a lot of time to figure out what they might be getting at. I suspect the marketing might gather a little more clarity as we get closer to the September debut.

I've never been a fan of the Vampire genre, but I will give anything from Alan Ball a very serious first look. Here's the promo, it seems to be targeted to a young (18-24) demo.

We'll try to get the information out on as many new Fall programs as possible, as we head towards September.


kira002 said...

I am really excited about True Blood as it's based on one of my favorite series of novels - the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. I was at Comic Con a couple of weeks ago and got to meet the cast and Charlaine and Alan Ball, now I'm even more excited! HBO is doing an amazing job of creating buzz with their ad campaign, but for actual information about the series, I recommend They even have spoilers for the first few episodes posted, although if you've read the books they aren't all that spoilery. :)

Jane said...

Thanks for the additional info and cool link, Kira002! The Nose fans appreciate it!

Dean Treadway said...

Does this show have the greatest ad campaign ever? I've been walking around New York, seeing the "defaced" posters, and the ads for blood that look like wine ads, and have been momentarilly confused, then definitely intrigued. I liked the first two seasons of SIX FEET UNDER, but after a while, I got bored with it, because the whole show seemed to be about only one thing: the link between sex and death. A good subject, but I got blahed out by all the sex on the show (most sex on film looks phony to me, so I get bored real easily). I'm no vampire fan either, for the same reasons--vampirism is all just a metaphor for sex. But I hope this show is better. I know I just committed Nosecrilage by saying I don't like SIX FEET UNDER, but there it is.

Lisa said...

I'm no vampire fan myself, but I know they are big-time these days (which is why it's probably stupid that CBS cancelled "Moonlight", really), but this series looks like it's got some humor and though I'm out of the demo I will take a look, of course. I'm not sure what I would WANT to see in a vampire series, not being into the genre, but coming from one of our most interesting creators out there, attention must be paid to "True Blood"!

movie buff said...

True Blood resembles Heroes at first glance (i just rented the first episode from Blockbuster)... for some reason this show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink cheap beer