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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Some Dexter fans know that some of the Miami based show is really filmed in Long Beach, California. (Actually quite a few shows can be found filming in and around Long Beach. My boyfriend once saw a bunch of Miami Dade Police cars in El Dorado Park in Long Beach getting ready to film a scene from CSI:Miami). Check out this article from the Long Beach Press Telegram about this. Also mentioned in this article is the website www.seeing-stars.com/dexter .

Not having Showtime, I have just recently watched the first season of Dexter and I have not had the incentive to search out these places myself, until now. But, by chance last night a actually had a Dexter siting in my own city of Downey which is just a little ways from Long Beach. So here is just a little tidbit for Dexter fans.

While driving to the store, I noticed a bright orange sign (the kind that is known to designate shooting sites) with the words DEXTER large as life and some arrows pointing down the street. I was not going that way, but on my way home, I took the detour and followed the arrows to see what I could spot. Only a few blocks away, I happened upon a bunch of trailers and cars in a church parking lot (actually the church I had been married in about 25 years ago by coincidence). Being a Wednesday at about 8 pm I doubted that it was a church function and presumed that it was the Dexter shoot. I went around the block so that I could drive by again slowly and in doing so found that a residential street a short distance away had been blocked off for no apparent reason, except in my mind it was for the Dexter shoot. I drove by slowly this time and saw a bunch of people roaming about, but alas no siting of Dexter himself. I was kicking myself for not having my camera, but isn't that always the case. So, I am hoping that when I eventually watch Season 3 of Dexter I will be able to recognize that scene and know it was filmed just a mere blocks away from my house!


Lisa said...

Leave it to my eagle-eyed sister to spot our favorite show! Thanks for posting this great siting!!

Jane said...

Karen, I was riveted by this story. Living in LA, I always see these mysterious production signs pointing here or there. Never once did I have the time to follow the arrow. Glad that you did and now I'll be thinking for the new Dexter season....is it Miami...or