Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some American Idol Concert Video!

Let's see if we can get a few up here!


Scott said...

LISA! You go girl. You have the magic touch! Thanks!

amy said...

For some reason I keep posting comments and that don't always publish. Is anyone else having that problem. Anyway.... That was a very interesting post, Lisa. I haven't seen Wall E yet, but when I do it will be all the more enjoyable because of your post. The SNL Star Trek skit is hysterical!! I have no memory of that one. Thanks for today's excellent television trivia and entertainment.

amy said...

Now I see that my rewritten comment from Lisa's Wall-E, Hello Dolly, Star Trek Conjunction published here, on the Idol Concert Video post. And my original comment did apparently end up the right post. I don't get it, but TFN got both, so there you go.