Friday, July 11, 2008

"FLASHPOINT" Premieres on CBS Tonight

Up where I am -- Canada -- folks gets pretty proud and excited when a Canadian TV show gets picked up in the States, especially by a big network. It happened a decade and a half ago with the delightful Due South, the show about the cute Mountie in Chicago starring the equally delightful Paul Gross (whom you may have seen recently in eps of Slings and Arrows on The Sundance Channel), and it's happening again starting tonight on CBS with FLASHPOINT, from Canadian network CTV.

Now, I'm all for cross-border cross-pollination and kudos to any show that keeps another crummy reality show from gumming up the works. FLASHPOINT looks to be pretty much a slam-bam action show full of glistening guns and all that jazz. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.) Based on the exploits of Toronto's Emergency Task Force, it's full of completely competent Canadian actors -- all the guys have kind of shaved heads and look a bit like Bruce Willis all decked out for SWAT duty -- and production values equal to any similar U.S.-produced show.

If you're looking for sly Shakespearean satire or stalwart Mounties in red, this isn't it, but FLASHPOINT ought to satisfy that urge to surge that Americans love so well. Tonight's premiere episode is based on a real-life 1994 Toronto hostage incident involves a crazed gunman and a woman hostage, and though I really hate to see another woman with a pistol pointed at her head in the name of entertainment, I understand that's where they've gotta go. The title FLASHPOINT references the chemical term meaning the lowest temperature at which a vapour will flame up, and each episode begins with a similiarly-igniting law enforcement crisis for the Strategic Response Unit which then springs into action.

There's no reason the U.S. should have a lock on producing successful action series -- and remind us to tell you sometime about how CBS' Cold Case was pretty much a complete steal from Canada's Cold Squad series -- and FLASHPOINT deserves to get on in there and vie with the big boys. Now, in terms of CBS' late-season dramas, Swingtown hasn't exactly been a hit so far. Let's hope FLASHPOINT -- just because it's Canadian, okay? -- gets off to a rollicking start, eh?

Here's a little preview of FLASHPOINT, which premieres tonight Friday at 10pm on CBS:

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Lisa said...

Just as a follow-up, "Flashpoint" won its time period and overall did very well. It's not my kind of show but it's well done and definitely up to U.S. police hour standards. Congrats to them!