Monday, July 7, 2008

Filmicability, Your Source For Everything Brilliant in Film Criticism

If you know what's good for you, and we know you all do, you'll click right over to our Flaming Nose correspondent Dean's amazing film blog Filmicability where he has just posted, post-July 4th, an absolutely incredible list of 180 films that define assorted aspects of America. We guarantee you will not find a better list, with more thought, more introspection, more expertise, than in this post which Dean calls "America at 24 Frames Per Second".

Lavishly illustrated and completely compelling, this is one read that will have you nodding and saying either "I've got to watch that movie again!" or "Why have I never watched that movie?" or even "Why have I never even heard of that movie?" Trust me, Dean knows them all and there is no one who can share his love of film with us in such a wonderful way. We all know how much we're loving his treatises on TV here on The Flaming Nose, but when it comes to film, he simply can't be beat.

Added bonus when you visit Filmicability: you get to see a lovely photo of his two beautiful cats, Marty and Angelo!

So, go...get over there! We mean it! :-)


Dean Treadway said...

Aww, thanks...I'm blushing. I'm thinking about raising the number to 200. Maybe. I like round numbers. But I have to think about it some more.

I have to say, I'm proud of the post. More so than anything I've done in a while. It could easily be expanded into a book at the drop of a hat. I could write in in a week or two. Know any publishers?

BTW, off point, but I had a great experience today. I was walking in the West Village, when I see this tall balld guy get out of this cab and talk to a couple of guys covered in technology. I saw the tall guy and said to myself "Hey, wait, is that an old friend of mine? I recognize that guy. Then I saw the hatchback of this taxi-cab/van open, and some guy adjusting some knos on a huge console back there.

Then it hit me!!! It was Ben Bailey, the talented host of CASH CAB. CASH CAB!!! Right in front of me. I wasn't shy at all, 'cause he's so personable, I feel like I know him already. I inturrupt his talk with his collaborators, stuck out my hand, and congratulated all on a great show. Of course, he was excited to meet a fan. I told him about including CASH CAB on my list of my 100 favorite TV series of all time. I was honest and said it was at 80 or so (79, actually). The directors said "we wanna move up the list." I answered "Well, you're one of only five games shows on there, so that would put you in the top five of all time, which is not too bad for a young series." They smiled and agreed, then I told them all about the Nose and they said they'd surely check it out! I said my congrats again (after explaining the origin of the Nose's name, which they got once I mentioned Lucy), and went on my way, wishing I had had enough sense to try and catch the cab so I could win me $2K or so. But I only kicked myself a little. Just a little. The I just felt luck to meet those guys!!!

Jane said...

WOW!!!! What an exciting story Dean! I was just watching Cash Cab over the weekend with my sister and her family and we were going on and on about how much we'd like to go on cash cab and meet Ben Bailey. We love him! How very, VERY cool that you had that opportunity. Glad to hear he was a nice guy too, and not the usual elitist show biz snob. HOORAY for Cash Cab!