Tuesday, July 8, 2008

American Idol Road Show--There's No Place Like Home

There's not much I can add to Scott's very thorough and passionate post about the AI tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night. Yes, I was there too, amidst the shrieking human herds. Since I can't top Scott's direction, I will go in a new, crankier vein, and say that the sound system in the Staples center is appalling. And the playlist consisted of about 60% songs we already heard our Top Ten sing on TV and then subsequently on YouTube a billion times. I would have appreciated a chance to see our favorites try out some new material. On the brighter side, it was fun to see the dancing human Pop Tart, and the inside of the Staples Center looks like the Mother Ship from Close Encounters when they light it up with colors. Also, it was good for a chuckle to see so many people of a certain age hooting for the AI hotties and flinging their glow sticks about in the dark.
That said, I think I prefer my AI in the television medium, as opposed to live. I like them alone, in the darkness of my living room, tortured by Simon, Randy and Paula, while I take notes. But David C....you still ROCK and we love you!
PS: It does seem to be impossible to post a video from last night. I found a couple but none will post, there are gremlins afoot, and a vast anti-UGC conspiracy.


Scott said...

On the posting problems, I think part of it is that the youtube embedding url codes are getting longer and longer between word breaks and so they don't fit on one line and then they disonnect. I've trouble shot this by selecting a smaller font size but that doesn't seem to be working anymore. Oy.

media boy said...

Cook is a great performer, i was especially impressed with his version of M.Jackson's Billy Jean... i'm thinking his new CD will be worth getting for sure