Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AI Tour Kicks off, David Cook Rocks the House (with great news)

The American Idol Top 10 Tour '08 kicked off in Glendale, Arizona last night. Quick post with some videos here, and a SPOILER ALERT. Don't watch the clips if you don't want to know David's playlist! The only song I will identify in the caption is Time Of My Life since we all know he's going to play his new hit single!

First the good news. During his set, Cook said he spoke a short time earlier with his brother Adam, who, as many fans know suffers from brain cancer. David announced that Adam's tumor is shrinking! The crowd went wild. See clip at bottom. Meantime, here are three performance clips taken by a fan's cell phone camera from a pretty darn good floor seat. Audio isn't too good on the loud parts. I will say this: David Cook commanded the stage and rocked that arena like a true rock star. The blog and message board chatter from those who attended say he was a true headliner and that he commanded the stage.

Above: Full version of David performing one of his more popular covers. Wild guitar solo (no one should ever understimate his guitar skills).

Above: Last :25 seconds of "Time of My Life." Looks like David rocks it more than ever! TOML is picking up airplay on Adult Contemporary Radio. In LA, KBIG 104 plays it regularly. It's also made it onto NYC's WPLJ playlist and is played often.

Above: This is a :50 second clip of the song Cook sang after announcing the good news about his brother. Very appropriate!

Above: Audio of Cook giving the good news about his brother. Video is just a montage of pictures for us to look at!

That's it for now. You can count on extensive coverage next Monday after the Staples Center concert in Los Angeles. Jane and I are both attending! We will include the other Idol performers as well!


Jane said...

OMG, Scott let the countdown begin. Amy and I are ready for the big roadshow on Monday at the Staples Center in LA. Maybe not quite as ready as you are, but...wooooo! I think I already packed my binoculars, so hopefully you will bring some.

amy said...

I second Jane. Can't wait!! What happened to the first three videos on your post, Scott?