Friday, June 20, 2008

The Candidates Come Together for "Army Wives"

I'm sure you've heard about Lifetime's successful drama series Army Wives which recently entered its second year, the season opener playing to historical rating highs for the network. You also probably heard about the promos done by Presidential contenders John McCain and Barack Obama for the show, and of course how could they have said "no" to the request? Not consenting would have brought their patriotism into question, no doubt. Such is the trivial political world we live in today. I saw the spots on air and had to go to Lifetime's Army Wives website to watch them again (and there are some good links to actual groups involved with supporting military families) .

In case you've missed the two spots, here they are:

(I have to confess, McCain lost me at "...because Cindy makes me watch with her." Ugh.)

Let's hope the television recommendations from the candidates end here. I sure don't want to see either of the fellows touting the fall network line-ups, do you? That's our job, for pete's sake!


Jane said...

Not really sure what the actual ratings are, but having spent 10+ years in cable TV, I'm guessing that historic high ratings for Army Wives meant they increased from a 1.2 rating to a 1.4. Which means, in real terms, that hardly anybody in America watched them and both McCain and Obama made a very bad buy. This is yet another example of how completely clueless American political candidates (from both sides) are/.


Chris said...

Cute promos. Obama's is much better though