Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something Afoot with the Audio?

Check out this clip of David Cook's performance of "Hungry Like The Wolf" (I can't tell which Fox affiliate/market it's from). This is not the performance I heard last night on KTTV in Los Angeles. I barely heard the band-or the audience-which are clearly audible in this clip. That leads me to believe that an audio channel(s) was out, either on KTTV, their HD channel (I watch on it on Fox 11's HD digitil cable channel), or the West Coast feed. This clip could have been recorded from the East Coast's live broadcast, and the west coast taping may have been screwed up. Who knows.

Or... am I just making up an excuse for DC here? The song choice was odd, if not poor (he's really set the bar high for himself), and last night I rated it as good (I was bummed by the choice); I was happy that his vocals were spot on, as always. Then I saw the recap clips at the end of the show and heard what I hadn't heard earlier-a band! That led me to surf around Youtube today, and when I looked at this clip, I thought the performance was much better... I suppose I would now rate it as very good.

I did love Cook's second (albeit too short) performance. Rating: Excellent. If he had another 45 seconds for the song, it would have been another home run.

Finally, for those of you who don't know about here's a link. The website measures busy signals and uses other software, based on the phone voting, to predict who's safe and who will be voted off. They're accurate nearly 90 percent of the time. I don't think they measure text votes, but the phone votes are a large enough sample to accuartely make a prediction. The link here takes you right to the predictions page for last night's show, and David Cook actually did better than David Archuleta, which surprised me considering Archuleta's demographic and how well he did. But... teens and tweens like to text, and that's probably where the rest of Archuleta's votes reside.


Jane said...

Oooo Scott, I love it. A conspiracy theory! I'll bet you are right about that sound level problem.

Scott said...

And given your research/numbers background, don't you love dialidol?! I think you already know about it though.

Scott said...

So now the itunes download of Cook's "Hungry Like the Wolf" is available. I sampled it and it too proves that the band's audio on millions of TV viewer's HD channels was extremely low. He actually sounds and looks pretty good on the itunes video clip, if not just a tad worn/tired. Just a tad. The studio version is really good, and if this was early in the compeition, like when he did "Happy Together" or "All Right Now" it would have gone down really well. But at this point, and on the Hall of Fame night, it's just hard to get past Duran Duran as a pick!

sleepingbeauty37 said...

Hey Scott!
Stopping by as promised...

It is my belief that the reason David choose "Hungry Like the Wolf" is because his sick brother Adam has gone on record as saying Duran Duran is his favorite band, and it was the only song of theirs that was on the list of the 500 songs which shaped rock 'n roll that they were made to choose from.

Also, I wasn't in the studio for the live performance (they didn't let us in until right AFTER he performed, ugh!) but he sounded great in rehearsal. There was also a lot of sexy crouching and mic stand dragging/dropping that didn't make the live show.

And friend and I don't remember ANY of the "doot-doo-doo-doo"'s in rehearsal, but our other friend says she does. Odd.