Friday, May 9, 2008

David Cook Today!

Ok, briefly back to AI, and David Cook. Thought all you Cookie Monsters out there would like to see him performing this morning! He's back in Missouri for hometown honors. Click this link to MyfoxKC (Fox 4 Kansas City) to see him perform an accoustic version of "Always Be My Baby" at an outside concert. Not the best audio or camera work, but it will satisfy your Cookie cravings!
The clip at the bottom of this post is another version, shot from a different angle, off the side of the stage.

The Fox 4 web site also has an item called "Idol Spoiler: David Cook announces what he'll sing next week." Okay, I gave in and checked it out, and I'm not sorry I did. True, now I won't be surprised on Tuesday, but I am sooo happy (and relieved) that he made an awsome choice, and that the judges picked an amazing song for him as well. I won't say anymore, other than the judges' selection is an unusual one that will really show off his vocal chops. Of course, asuming this all isn't a red herring from the producers, or Fox, or Mr. Cook himself! Here's a direct link to that spoiler: what Cook will sing

And here's that other video of Cook this morning:


Scott said...

Ok, I'm commenting on my own post. But just to recognize that I'm a little out of control with DC. But you know, this isn't like some school girl crush... this is like a sports hero crush. Except that AI and "Dancing With the Stars" and The Oscars are my sports competitions, and the players are my sports heroes. And I'm a sucker for that whole "star is born" format in movies and musicals. That's all!

Scott said...

for more spoilers, check out this excellent blog,
Click the author's (sleepingbeauty37) post "Hometown Visit Coverage and Song Spoilers" and scroll down to the comments. She's got the inside line.
Her site also has great some great pictures of the constestants (esp our boy DC) at TV City & on their recent Las Vegas trip, plus lots of insightful AI posts. She nearly predicted "Hungry Like the Wolf" and wasn't all to happy about it! Good stuff.