Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Official Welcome to Judith, Our Newest Blogger!

A big hearty hello to Judith from all of us here on the Nose and elsewhere! Don't miss her spectacular debut post "Lucy Ricardo -- Style Setter" which you can find just below this welcome!

Judith comes to us from a career in TV -- like most of us here, as it turns out -- and a stupendous knowledge of classic TV! Her first post is particularly relevant and welcome here because it's about Lucy, our official oracle of knowledge and icon of lasting affection.

Welcome to the Nose, girlfriend!

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Scott said...

Welcome Judith! Looking forward to all your posts.

Jane, you can adjust the order of when these posts hit by clicking options and manually changing the post date and times. Only the web site's owner (publisher) can do that so you can move it up if, as a site editor, you want to. That's how I manage my NLGJALA.COM website on, since it's more of an informational/calendar/events website and not so much of a blog.