Monday, May 19, 2008

DC in KC

As we eagerly await Tomorrow night's final AI season 7 performances and the David vs. David smackdown, I really don't have much more to add. You all know how I feel. If you're new to The Flaming Nose, just keep scrolling down (or click the David Cook labels) and see me gush. I really just wanted to share this great picture of Cook when he threw out the first pitch at the KC Royals game.


Jane said...

And to think I predicted his rise to the top over 3 months ago when everybody in America was, "David who?". By the way, that is a great shot of our boy.

If he will be the first time in 6 seasons that the person I rooted for goes to the top!

Scott said...

Doesn't he look like a pro baseball player there?!!

You know, I had my favorites during Hollywood week and the semi-finals (Syesha, Archuleta, Asia Epperson, Carly) but I would always think to myself, "you know, keep an eye on that David Cook because he sounds really good - esp. when he did "Happy Together"). Then he did "Hello" and he caught everyone's attention. The deal sealer was Eleanor Rigby. A home run two weeks in a row - it wasn't a fluke. And I truly believe the exact moment he turned into a rock star was when he hit the chorus of Eleanor Rigby, with his arms out to the side and that jumbo psychadelic screen behind him. I really think that was his "A Star Is Born" moment.