Saturday, May 31, 2008

David Cook Takes a Comic Turn on VH1

Cook on VH1's "Best Week Ever" last night. Brilliant. Stay with it until the last few seconds. I see an SNL appearance on his CD promo tour this fall. Except he's ready to host AND be the musical guest. Appropriate that he would be on "The Best Week Ever" since the appearance proabably wrapped up just that for him!

By the way, the very best Cook interview can be seen on EW's Idolatry segment. Michael Slezak and Jessica Shaw have been on the AI beat for several seasons and they really know their subject. Conducted this week, they bring out the best in Cook, by keeping the questions smart and the tone playful. It's in 5 parts but the segments are all fairly short. Check out the Syesha interview as well.

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Jane said...

Thanks for the little post-Idol taste o' David, Scott! Man, can this guy do everything, or what. He has the ability to seem comfortable and charming even on the lamest talk shows. What next? I'd like to see him on a cooking program. And then a feature film role as the side kick to a super hero.