Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol's Smackdown Smacks of Something Fishy

Just a semi-quick post tonight, not to leave our readers in the lurch! Complete wrap ups after tomorrow's show, by Jane, Lisa and me. We'll have our answer, and a new AI champ, and we will put the whole shebang into perspective.

Here are my thoughts right now. I'm about as annoyed as a TV show can make me. Tonight's show seemed downright scripted, and really made the last few weeks appear thoroughly planned out. The critics warned that the David vs. David showdown is what the producers wanted. Randy cooled off on Cook these past few weeks. Simon has gone from the voice of reason (and fully converted Cook supporter), to bailing on him tonight. Paula threw even handed love around. Come to think of it, she seemed the most honest; I think she really does love them both, nearly equally.

True, Archie performed flawlessly tonight. He brought his A-game. But it was still gooey and "more of the same" (especially with his "Imagine" reprise). What I still can't "imagine" is buying his records. To tell the truth, I enjoyed Usher's rather old fashioned performance tonight on Dancing with the Stars!

As for Cook, he rocked. He commanded the stage. He was in great voice, and he looked sexier than ever. No kidding, he looked downright handsome tonight.

All hope is not lost for Cook and his fans. The public just may not buy the judges' take on tonight. In fact, this season it's the judges who, more often than not (and as they would say), seem irrelevant. I think they're out of touch with America. And I still believe in my theory about cumulative voting. The Cook fans will vote for Cook based on his consistently brilliant performances week after week; the Archuleta fans will vote for Archuleta as they always do. I don't think AI has many swing voters left at this point. Cook has the larger group of fans, Archuleta has the expert tween texters/dialers. We'll find out tomorrow if Cook's bigger fan base is enough to pull him through.

Another early sign of Cook pulling this off: DialIdol.com has Cook as the clear winner, based on their busy signal software. They were right 91 percent of the time this season, and they've accurately predicted the finale winner every time. Click the link to their site... as of this writing they predict Cook the winner by a landslide.

Tomorrow: my thoughts on the whole boxing smackdown theme, what I think they should do to fix Idol, and of course, reaction to the outcome.


Jane said...

I thought last night's final American Idol show down was the worst episode of Idol ever. The hokey WWE contender riff, the scripted over-the-top love for boring, ballad singing David A. who will sink like a stone and never sell a single record after this competition is over....maybe I have Idol fatigue, but somehow the whole event just lost its warm rosy glow for me dawg.

Lisa said...

Though I've not been following the show too closely, several things I've read in newspapers the last few days say they hope Cook doesn't win, because they'd rather see his talent let loose in a real venue than having to wear the AI crown and getting stuck with that label. Any truth to this, would you say? Maybe David A. is perfect for the AI winner and Cook can go on to become the star he clearly is...

Scott said...

Lisa, I have mixed feelings about that. I've wondered the same thing. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood prove a winner can be a relevent, top selling recording artist and performer. However, Daughtry proves the other point you make. I think I got my self to emotionally invested in this... in Cook. It's like, I just want them to say "Dave Cook, YOU WIN!" But how much creative freedom he will have if he does win is questionable.

Scott said...

BTW, huge backlash against the judges today on the web.. and somewhat of a backlash against Archuleta (to some extent). Many, many viewers thought the judges seemed almost "too obvious" about last night's shenanigans... folks are highly suspicious and pissed off like us. Could one of the reasons why DialIdol.com has called it for Cook. Cook's loyal following being the other.