Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Working 9 to 5 with the AI Contestants Tonight

Does anybody actually know anyone who works 9 to 5 anymore? How about 9 to 9? 7am to 8pm? I guess those numbers don't rhyme as well. Dolly Parton was the guest musician for tonight's AI episode and it just wasn't a magical mix for most of the contestants. I love Dolly and think she is an awesome talent, but her stylistic songs were a challenge tonight. No use beating a dead horse, let's go through the run down:

Brooke: The virginal blond haired folk songstress sang "Jolene" and didn't murder it, but didn't knock it out of the park either. 2.5 stars and I'm beginning to think her angelic looks have earned her a slot as the next creme cheese commercial angel.
David Cook: Sang "Little Sparrow" with his own beautifully composed arrangement and (like he does with everything) made it his own. He is still the one to beat, he is still the smartest, most thoughtful, most exciting and professional musician in the whole group. I want him to go all the way on so many levels, not the least of which is to prove to Simon that guys who like to do word puzzles are very cool. 3.5 stars for my front runner.
Ramiele:-So cute, so pitchy, so can't remember the song that you sang. Dolly loved her because they shared the same height, so if short people are voting big tonight, Ramy might make it through. 2.5 on the Jane-0-Meter
Jason Castro Sang "Travelin' Through" like he couldn't wait to make it to the next interstate rest stop. It would have been a great performance at a 10 year old kid's birthday party, but I kept hoping for a balloon folder to pop out of the curtains. I give a 2.0 and Simon's comment was spot-on. He's still cute though, I expect to see Jason in billions of commercials and many CW network dramas for years to come.
David Archuletta: Sang "Smokey Mountain Memories" and what difference could my opinion possibly make because a) Dolly loved him and b) His young skewing, text vote making fans love him and c) he actually did sell the song tonight. The kid is back and he CAN sing. A 3.5 on the JOM.
Carly Smithson: Wonderful vocals and an OK song that bored me to death. But I go on record that Simon was mean for dissing her outfit and I don't want to mess with her Irish family in the audience. Don't try to fight the Irish, you will always lose. Just sayin'. Not a big Carly fan, but her vocals are superb. 3.0 for the JOM tonight and please tell your brother in law not to hit me.
Kristi Lee Cooke- If ever there was a gift given to a contestant it would have to be "Dolly" night for Kristi. This was her night to absolutely shine. She did not. She glimmered ok. And sort of shimmered with some extra sparkly eye shadow. I'm taking points off because she didn't love her mom enough in the intro ("I'd rather have Dolly like this song than my mother at this point"). Your mom will still like you after you get the boot tomorrow night, but will Dolly call? Don't hold your breath on that one. Note to AI: If Kristi can't buy back the horse after this, can I have it? I'll pay for shipping.
Syesha:Gave an absolutely pitch perfect, goose bump raising rendition of "I Will Always Love You". The judges got this one wrong. She was beautiful, her voice soared, and she joined the pantheon of great singers on this rendition. For my money...better than Dolly's and equal to Whitney Houston. The Goose Bump meter gives the only 4.0 and the coveted You Tube video slot to Syesha tonight (Post script...no video, only picture. Problems with video script tonight)
Michael Johns: -Didn't quite catch the song, it seems Fox ran a little over tonight. First of all, what was up with his pink and black ascot? Second, the farther this guy gets from his roots, the faster he fades for me. I don't think he knows who he is (unlike David Cook). Tonight he was a blues singer in a bar, and I think we could have seen this act on Bourbon Street in New Orleans before or after Katrina. It would have sounded great with a little Jack Daniels in our Coke...I think the judges had some, alas, I did not. Only a 3.0 on the JOM.

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