Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Paula Theories

And to think I commented to my co-workers this week how Paula has sailed through three fourths of this season with some sense of normalcy.

Ok, to save you some time, a recap of what happened. Seacrest threw an impromptu "thoughts on the first round" to the judges. Paula was freaked out and judged Jason Castro's second performance, which he had yet to perform! So what happened, Paula?

If you scroll down to the two preceding posts, you will see Jane and my theories. Jane suspected the broadcast wasn't really live. I proposed that Paula had to scribble all her notes quickly and then thought Cook's notes were about Jason's second song.

Here are two new theories. First, many fans now suspect the shows are scripted, and that Paula jumped the gun. Randy said "just the first one Paula" which was more of a script correction than a "what are you talking about" exclamation. Could be true. The other was proposed by Dorothy Lucie this morning on "Good Day LA." She thought that Paula and the other judges already saw the full rehearsals, and that she had already formed an opinion.

I am now combining the rushed notes/rehearsal theories... her notes confused her, she saw the rehearsals, and she flaked out. It would explain why she had specific comments about the second performance. She really did see it - in rehearsals! One wrinkle in the notes theory: her comments about Cook were glowing, but her comments about Castro's "2nd song" were not. Perhaps that was just the only excuse she could come up with on the spot. I'm still 50-50 about it being scripted and/or not live. Perhaps it's partially scripted with room for ad libs.

The next time fans demonize Simon, they should realize that he displayed a professional - even a nice side last night. At the height of the awkward and befuddling moment when Paula was trying to explain herself, Simon took the ball and simply asked her something like "who were your favorites" He totally got her out of it, and the show back on track, quite graciously.


Jane said...

Let's think about this logistically. Of course the show isn't "live" especially for the West Coast. With a 9pm pacific start, that would mean the folks on the east coast would start watching at midnight. Not possible. Let's assume it is live for the East coast and starts taping at 6pm here in LA. So by the time we actually see it, it was live for NY, but tape delayed for LA. I'm sure that makes no sense to anyone. However, I agree, it was very gallant of Simon to get Paula out of her befuddled mess. I had the same thought, he saved the day.

Scott said...

Jane that's absolutely true. Same with the few live shows CBS has. When I worked Sundays, we would watch the Emmys & Grammys at work on the inhouse network east coast feed at 5pm. I think both AI and DWTS put a chyron on the bottom for a few seconds saying "taped from an earlier live broadcast." I think I understand your point now.. that Fox didn't "fix" it for the Pacific feed. I agree, it was too good a moment not to have on. AI's ratings were down just a smidge this season, so any publicity is good publicity, right?! Also, I think it would have looked really bad if they did clean it up. In this day and age that would be all over the internet in a nano-second!

Amy said...

Excellent post mortem, Jane and Scott! I'll go with Paula's confusion reading her notes compounded by her expectations of what Jason's second song would sound like after having seen him in rehearsals that day. The show most definitely was never carried live here on the west coast. In fact, I'm wondering if it's even live on the east coast. We know people who have gone to these Idol shows and I think they tape earlier than 5pm, which would be the live start time for the east coast. Either way,it's refreshing when the unexpected happens.