Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing Drama!

Such drama in tonight's "Dancing With the Stars." Before you read any further, a spoiler alert!

Christain "be still my heart" De La Fuente had a bizarre injury. I hate to see a grown hunk cry. He's not out yet-he could get the sympathy vote.

Meanwhile, Jason Miller made the comeback of the year. Smart man-he danced to a familiar tune.

I think Bruno and Len will get into a fist fight before the end of this season. They're behaving worse than Ryan & Simon on that other show (thank goodness for my DVR on Tuesday nights!).

Finally, check out the clip (below). I came across it during the last season of DWTS, when I just HAD to find out more about Derek Hough & Mark Ballas. Turns out they've been BFFs since age five, and recently formed a band called "Almost Amy." They made this music video a year or so ago. They sing nearly as good as they dance. They also write their own music, mostly soft rock.

BTW, Derek is a super talent. He's currently starring on London's West End in "Footloose," in the Kevin Bacon role. Still, he's not David Cook (I'm such a one note tune these days).

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Anonymous said...

Must be sad for this to have occurred, while he & his buddy Derek were driving along, and was receiving some afternoon Dee-light at the very same time from his passenger, too!