Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol Talk

It's appropriate that American Idol is the topic for my first post on The Flaming Nose. After six seasons, the show finally won me over (and soared to the top of my favorite TV picks this year). Speaking of soaring to the top of my list, David Cook did that early on. He had me with "Hello." I think he's only gotten better each week - including last night's amazing performance. I agree with critics who say "Music of the Night" is meant for a strong tenor, a la Michael Crawford, but Cook managed to reinvent the song, and himself, yet again. I love that he had to go out on a limb. If any of the contestants is up to the challange, he is. That's why I look forward to seeing and hearing what he will do each week. And guess what, he's a pretty strong tenor! In the world of pop, it sure was fun to see him belt out that broadway tune!

Alas, my dear Brooke. I think in just a few hours you will be packing. I would still buy any song of yours (well, as long as you stick to the Carol King-Carly Simon genre). You are a ray of sunshine. Your throaty voice is so soothing, and you sing from the heart. But after last night, and a rather lackluster couple of weeks, I do believe your time is up.

Kudos to Syesha for getting back in the game. Keep it up and you could make it to the final three!

I must now go and watch "Tudors" on my DVR. Sadly it's becoming more of an obligation to clear out the recordings. More on that in my next post!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Flaming Nose, Scott! We are looking forward to many terrific posts from you! So wonderful to have you here!

Scott said...

Thank you so much! Great to be here!

Jane said...

Scott, my adopted bro! I am so excited that you have joined the Flaming Nose post community! I join Lisa in welcoming you and your very witty comments. Looking forward to more. (By the way...thanks to the Internet I already know who got the boot on Idol, even though it won't air for a few more minutes. Thank you Internet...sigh).