Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ok, two posts for the price of one tonight. “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” combined. Why clutter up a blog when I can cover “Super Tuesday” in one fell swoop? After all, AI managed to squish two hours into one, leaving us all out of breath. It was truly a great night of television. Comparing and contrasting, I’ve decided that the contestants, on the whole, did okay, but I was totally distracted by the judges on both shows tonight.

First, the Paula thing. If you watched, you know what I’m referring to. If you didn’t, you’ll be clued in at the water cooler. Or just read Jane's post below. At first I was absolutely confused. I thought my DVR jumped ahead and I missed a bunch of second round performances. Thank goodness Randy Jackson finally jumped in to clear things up. I will come to Miss Abdul’s defense here. The judges were clearly rushed out of their scoring comfort zone, and if you go back and listen to what Paula said, she made sense. Kind of. She claimed she was looking at her comments about David Cook’s first performance (he followed Jason Castro), but mistook them for notes about Castro’s second performance. Paula wasn’t actually recalling the performances in her head - she was simply going off her disorganized notes. And if you’ve ever seen her reality show, “Hey Paula,” you would understand! One thing’s for sure, she’s a trip.

Over on DWTS, I noticed a little something that Carrie-Ann Anaba does when Len & Bruno go at it. She sits there twirling her hair. It must be an awkward moment-nervous habit sort of thing. I never noticed it before, but tonight when they played back some highlights from last night, I took my eye off the Bruno-Len frackus (which is starting to get old) and scanned left, only to find Carrie-Ann twirling and twirling. Wow, her fingers get a 10!

As for the performers, I’m kind of glad Christian De La Fuente is safe on DWTS. I’m so curious to see how he’ll dance with just one functioning arm. He made a solid point about Marlee Matlin’s dancing achievement, despite her disability. Back at AI, “Archie” was solid but I’m really off that bandwagon. You know how I feel about “Cookie.” You don’t? I think David Cook has already won this. Even if he’s number two when it's over, he’s got a solid career waiting for him. That said, I must say I loved him tonight, but I do agree with the judges and some critics that his second song was stronger than his first (which was still excellent). Despite some other good performances tonight, it’s clear that the other competitors don’t have what it takes to go all the way. It will be David vs. David, and it’s time for Jason Castro to go home.

Today's bonus: A look at Cookie, age 18, with his former band members:

Axium members David Cook, Bobby Kerr and Jeff Shrout in 2001
Photo: Bobby Kerr/AXIUM


Jane said...

Scott! You're calling my David
Cookie now? Oh boy. Nice shot of him at age 18 though. Wasn't he great last night with the second song? Also, your comments about the hair twirling girl made me laugh. Hey...if you are still working in Hollywood, you're going to have a lot of trouble getting into work. Big fire on Hollywood and Vine.

Scott said...

Luckily we moved to Studio City last year, so I'm now go over Laurel Canyon (against traffic thankfully) to Ventura Blvd & Radford. 15 minutes... it's a breeze!
And yes, Cookie was great... even on the first, but the second was a knockout. That could soooo be a hit today. He never dissapoints.