Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Gives Back...and They Want You to Help

Television is, and has always been, a window looking out upon the world. Today, America's most watched TV program takes that view to help those who need it most. This week's usual American Idol post is pre-empted for a very worthy cause. Tonight (4.9.08. 7:30-10:00 Pacific) AI will give back with a telethon to raise money to support children's funds here in the US and in Africa. Last year's first "Idol Gives Back" raised over $70 million dollars for these very worthy causes. Corporate sponsors who have partnered with AI and will provide matching funds include News Corp, Coca Cola, Ford, iTunes, and Exxon-Mobile. Charities that will be the recipients include Save the Children, Malaria No More, and the Children's Health Fund. Want to learn more? Click right HERE.
Want to talk to one of the current Idol contestants? They are manning the phones now, so call: 1-877-IDOL AID ( 1-877-436-5243).

Here are just a few of the great programs that your donation can help support:
  • $100 can buy a year's worth of food for an orphan in Africa
  • $50 can buy enough malaria pills to keep 100 kids safe from Malaria in Kenya
  • $20 will buy a day's worth of hot food and snacks for 3 children in a US food program
Tonight's episode will be chock full of mega-media stars, so please tune in and enjoy. But even if you do not have time to watch, go to this link and GIVE BACK. We have all enjoyed many hours of entertainment from American Idol, now is the time to show your appreciation and donate to an extremely wonderful and important cause. And as I type this post, Billy Crystal was just on stage being hilarious! And now Bono himself is on. Annie Lennox just sang a version of "Many Rivers to Cross" that was absolutely priceless. Can't you spare just $20 or more? Please go...please give...and do something right on a Wednesday night. Oh...and by the way, if you don't see this post until after 4.9.08, it's OK. You can still go to this link and DONATE anytime.

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