Saturday, March 15, 2008

Link TV -- You Must Watch This Channel

You might not like everything on this channel -- in fact, you absolutely won't -- but especially in this election year you must watch Link TV.

This weekend they're featuring the devastating documentary Orwells Rolls in his Grave, which documents the sorry state of the media in America. Controlled, captured and undoubtedly corrupted, this will open your eyes and make you insane, if you have any sense of the importance of the free flow of information. Link TV calls it a "wake-up call" to America, and no matter what your political ideology -- and I sincerely hope that's true, but I have to say I think it's sadly and horrifyingly not -- you should be ashamed of what's happened to the voice of the people in America. (It's running again tonight at 7pm and tomorrow at 8am.)

Goodness knows I've seen a bit of the media from the inside, as have several of our TFN correspondents, and I've always thought that the only motive was profit (except back in the old days when we actually cared about public service programs, but that was also in some ways because we were mandated to, which argues for regulation, big time, in my opinion), but something different is up these days. Something much worse, and with devastating implications for the upcoming election.
It's nothing less than corporate censorship of the news we're getting, but do most people even notice? Much is made of the fact that political news today isn't about politics and ideas, it's about politicians, and gossip. If you need any more proof of that, take a look at the Spitzer coverage of the past week. And if you're getting a kick out of that, imagine how much those Wall Street robbers he prosecuted -- and rightfully -- are loving his downfall. But of course dallying with a prostitute is so much juicier and so much more heinous than some financial scandal, isn't it? Something's dead wrong here.

As I'm just watching Link TV right now, they're talking about something that's been making me nuts for the past week or so as I've watched CNN. Evidently the Clean Coal folks are all over that network, running, incessantly, a ridiculous commercial using that mindless woo-hoo rock anthem "Celebration" as its theme music. Unbelievable...I can see using it to commemorate some guy getting a boner with Viagra, but to give props to the coal industry? It should make America's collective head blow up, seeing stuff like that, but obviously it's not. So I guess give a big high five to that little lump of profit for a dirty energy source and go shopping, or something. That's all Americans are supposed to do, anyway.

I'm obviously freaking out a little over this stuff, but unless we all freak out a little we're just going to let it all happen to us. You've got to care, and you've got to get informed, and you've got to insist that things are fair. Some people don't mind the idea of controlling a country via deceit, and unless you don't mind either, you better get involved now. It's probably already too late, though, but if you don't, you're part of the problem.

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