Sunday, February 3, 2008

Puppy Bowl IV

For the 5% of America that will not be watching today's Super Bowl football game, here is the weirdest and most adorable programming alternative. It's PUPPY BOWL IV on Animal Planet! Many fat and colorful puppies stumble about on a little simulated (presumably washable plastic) football field. There are no rules. There isn't even a football, just some chew toys and a few deadpan human "referees". Check out the cool "water bowl cam" with paw and snout close ups from underneath the see through water dish. Don't miss the star studded Kitten All Star Half Time Show. Not quite as much action as Puppy Bowl unless someone throws a catnip mouse onto the field, but the purrformances are always pawsome.

Be sure to go to the Animal Planet website where you can vote for "MVP", (most valuable puppy). Thank you Animal Planet, for this annual fluffy treat!

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Lisa said...

Thank you for highlighting the best -- and just about only -- creative alternative to football this Sunday! Kitties and puppies -- what could be better? Super Bowl Sunday used to be a great opportunity for channels to do something interesting for their non-sports viewers, but not much on tap this year. Bravo to Animal Planet for keeping their tradition alive! And to you for reminding us about it!