Monday, February 25, 2008

Opening Animation from the Oscars!

For cinema lovers, the opening CGI animation sequence from the Academy Awards last night was pretty thrilling, encompassing a myriad of iconic movie images in a headlong rushing montage down Hollywood streets. I was particularly amused by the plethora of monster footage -- I love a monster! -- but the whole thing was quite impressive and may have set a high point in excitement that the ceremonies didn't quite match, in my opinion. And miraculously, it's up on YouTube now and still hasn't been taken down by AMPAS, who were notoriously stingy about clip sharing last year and had everything posted taken down, post-haste. We'll see how long things stay up this year. (Update: AMPAS has a YouTube Oscar channel but there is nothing from last night's Awards up yet.)

Anyhow, here's that cool opening to enjoy again:


Jane said...

Thanks for posting this Ms. Lisa. You managed to find the one exciting thing for the entire show. PS-just saw a note that the Nielsen ratings are projected to be 14% lower than the lowest ever recorded. I am not surprised, other than Juno, nobody saw any of those movies!

Karen said...

The opening animation was the best thing about the whole show, but alas they must have taken it down since I could not play it on Tuesday pm. Too bad they can't CGI the whole show!!

Lisa said...

Yep, they took it down. Nice move, Academy. The only thing anybody liked about the show and you're too stingy to share it with the fans.

Bad move.