Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"New Adventures of Old Christine" -- Episodes not on CBS.com?

I wrote yesterday about this clever sitcom, and am shocked today to discover that CBS doesn't offer full episodes of the show on its website. What's up with that? My goodness, get with the program, as it were, guys!

This is a terrific series that needs more exposure. Short clips just aren't going to do it anymore to hook new viewers. Give us full episodes! As Jane commented to my posting, she has only managed to run into the show while she's on a plane, but I'm sure if it were online, she'd take a look. So would others. It's the way of the world nowadays.

Particularly with a show like this, which has been scheduled on and off, you've just got to assume most viewers haven't been able to figure out when it's on to sample. CBS, do you want people to watch The New Adventures of Old Christine, or don't you?

CBS is doing a real disservice to the series by not having full episodes to view. Big disappointment. It's not enough to just recommend that someone watch a show; what makes the different is being able to point to a website where they can immediately watch it.

ABC has the right idea, with generous servings of its series online.

That's just my little rant for today.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! Have you contacted the station? They probably don't read your blog.