Saturday, February 23, 2008

If You Love Movies....

Allow me to introduce a new blog written by one of the most qualified, enthusiastic, and entertaining film critics out there, my longtime friend and one-time colleague Dean Treadway. His new blog filmicability is just getting started, but the minute you read his stuff you'll be hooked. I've never read anything of Dean's without immediately wanting to go out and watch the movie; he's able to capture both the intellect and the passion behind loving movies.

Be sure to check out his choices for tomorrow night's Academy Awards; you won't find a more informed analysis.

Highly recommended! And a hearty welcome to the blogosphere, Dean!

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Jane said...

What a wonderful idea for the Oscars! I just got finished watching Michael Clayton which just came out today on PPV in the nick of time. So I've seen 4 out of 5 (everything but There Will Be Blood). I'm going to pick a real long shot and say Juno is getting best picture, but the Coen Bros will take director. Happy Oscar Eve Everybody!