Monday, February 18, 2008

How Right Wing Radio Is Trying to Make Sure the Next US President is a Democrat

Since past Flaming Nose posts have included comments about books, movies and the Internet, I will now allow another form of media to enter into the hallowed records of this television blog. The pictures above are the big tip-off, I'm talking about talk radio. To live in 21st century America these days is to be trapped endlessly in a chapter of "Alice in Wonderland". Things just get "curiouser and curiouser". While most moderate Republicans have chosen John McCain as their presumptive Presidential candidate; a small cabal of bitter and self serving radio talk show hosts have decided to vehemently disagree. One (Ann Coulter) has squealed that she will go work for Hillary if McCain is the Republican candidate. Another (Rush Limbaugh) has trumpeted that he won't vote at all if McCain gets in. I could care less if this dirigible OxyContin addict decides to throw his own constitutional privilege in the trash, but the fact that he will lead millions of lemming like followers to do the same is criminal. Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter are both lock-step against McCain in their stiletto heeled jack boots. May I be the first to point out that it's a good thing these two are radio stars, because it is nearly impossible to tell them apart visually. They are both long faced bottle blonds with enormous teeth. In the auditory world of radio, Ann is the one with the fake northeastern Brahmin affectation, and Laura has the whiny California girl nasal twang.

Why do they hate McCain so much? Why? It has been said that even the revered Reagan himself could not stand the cult-like scrutiny of the extreme far right these days.

But the American people know better. They are moderate to the core and generally shun both the far left and the far right. Thus, these talk radio hosts, who have for years wailed about the "elitist liberal press", have now become similarly out of touch with the majority of America. A small, sad elite group of their own, determined to destroy the party of Lincoln. Guess what's going to happen next, guys? You can kiss your ratings goodbye. And that's all you've ever cared about anyway...not ideals, not people and certainly not this country. I don't care if I'm caught in the Mother of all California traffic jams, I'll blow up my radio before I ever listen to another word from this traitorous gang of four.


Lisa said...

Oh, I love this! Of course, I'm a Democrat so that may have something to do with it, but I hate these folks, too, for maybe not so very different reasons. Those of us in the media know, after all, it's all about the ratings all the time -- which means that everyone must do their own thinking and come to their own conclusions. Don't let any media outlet dominate your information; there are too many axes grinding out there for personal gain. It's hard to believe the intense interest in this coming election, and if you think all the rancor is on the right, isn't!

Anonymous said...
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