Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Oscar Day from the Flaming Nose!

The telecast for the 80th annual Academy Award ceremony is just hours away. I am making my final absolutions, for if there is anything that approaches a high holy day for movie lovers, this is it. It combines the best of motion pictures with the best night of live television, where literally anything can happen in front of a one billion plus global audience.

Every year I hope for another streaker or at least a Sacheen Littlefeather. Alas, in our post 9-11 world, security has lessened the chances for a grand blooper on live TV.

Here's to the fellow TV-Movie lovers among our 12 readers on the day of the Big O. May the force be with you, may you need a bigger boat and may you frankly give a damn. May you enjoy the Oscars with just us, the cameras, and all those wonderful people out there in the dark. And if you have to remember one word. Just one word. Let it be...."plastics".

Enjoy, everyone!

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